Sunday, December 24, 2006

# Angry voices from the valley of Death


20-Nov-2006, Shawwal-29-1427

Atrocities of Indian Occupational Forces in Kashmir can be estimated from the comments of some our Kashmiri sisters.

"I want to suck their blood but how can I do it?" (Ruksana, 16, resident of Baallipora)

"If you give me training, I will kill the men who raped me". (Shaila, 22, resident of Pazipora)

"Whenever I see an army man now I feel like jumping into my grave". (Rabia, 29, resident of Kupwara)

These are the bitter, angry outbursts of Kashmiri women who have been sexually assaulted. Ironically enough by the keeprs of law and order - the Indian army and security forces, stationed in the Valley. ["Kashmir Bleeds"]

"On 31st march a group of children of the age group 11-12 assembled at the house of a teacher to have tuition from their tutor in Vicharnag locality of Srinagar. The teacher was non-Muslim and all students except one were also non-Muslims. There was an incident in the vicinity and the BSF men burst into a house. The Border Security Force men asked the identity of the pupils with their names. Only the Muslim boy was shot and murdered".

["Situation in Kashmir", an Indian Report]

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shahid said...

Assalamu alikum,
Dear akhi i have a few questions fo which i have looking for answers which i hope u will be able to answer

1.I have been thinking about kashmiri jihad for quite sometime but i get confused about the whole thing when people tell that the struggle in kashmir cant be qualified as jihad because..

a.Mujahideen are fighting to liberate kashmir to make it a part of pakistan,which in itself cant be qualified as an islamic country,infact its leader being an apostate

b.Mujahideen in kashmir dont follow standard islamic procedure by killing innocent kashmiri pundits and sikhs.

c.mujahideen even kill muslims who dont hold their point of view or dont support them,evidence is the killing of so many muslims throughout the struggle.

d.The kashmir people as a whole dont support the resistance,with only a few people in support of the resistance.evidence being the participation of large kashmiris in indian armed forces and the indigeneous kashmiri police ,made up of kashmiris who are predominantly fighting the mujahideen

e.If people support the resistance then what are these “village defence communities”?

f.The mujahideen though sincere are being used by the pakistani government and ISI to fulfill their nationalistic objectives(i was further baffled when the read the same thing in the book “THE ARMY OF MADINAH IN KASHMIR”)

g.Kashmiri mujahideen have been trapped by the indian military by laying love traps(i recently read a report where a lashkar mujahid was said to have been arrested after getting involved in an affair) and sometimes even prostitutes(may Allah forgive me if am wrong)
how can mujahids do this compare this with the Taliban?

Dear akhi i have faced all the above questions

so i request u to answer the above questions and mail them to me i would be really grateful khuda hafiz