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# Fatwa on the use of weapons of mass destruction

Fatwah on the use of weapons of mass destruction
((Recently, a well-known Saudi cleric issued a religious edict (Fatwa) granting legal legitimacy to the use of weapons of mass destruction against the Kufr and against their citizens.
Sheik Nasser bin Hamd al-Fahad is recognized as one of the senior Muslim clerics in Saudi Arabia and is associated with Sheikh Bin Laden. Sheikh al-Fahad’s edict, was published on one of the websites identified with al-Qaida and the global Jihad, in reply to a question regarding the Islamic religious basis underlying al-Qaida’s intention to use weapons of mass destruction against the Kufr.

In his edict, Sheik al-Fahad explains that the Muslim world is currently engaged in a defensive war, rather than a war of choice. The US and Britain, he says, are committing acts of aggression against the Muslim world in general and Afghanistan and Iraq in particular.

In a defensive war, according to al-Fahad, Islam makes no distinguish between enemy military personnel and enemy civilians—even women and children. He emphasizes that no means are forbidden—even those that are likely to harm many Muslims. In a defensive war, Muslims must use all means at their disposal and must not recoil from using any method to hit the conquerer.
Sheik al-Fahad, born in Riyadh in 1936, is a graduate of the “Al-Imam” Islamic University in Saudi Arabia. In 1997, he was detained by Saudi authorities, but was released shortly thereafter. He has written dozens of books and publications full of incitement and religious edicts against the US and anyone cooperating with it. Among his well-known pronouncements is that “anyone assisting the Americans is an infidel.” His doctrines have formed the ideological basis for a culture of animosity and hatred towards the West, toward Christianity, and particularly towards the Americans.

Sheik Nasser al-Fahad is considered one of the three most radical Saudi clerics, along with Sheik Ali al-Khadir and Sheik Ahmed al-Khaldi, all of whom favor global Jihad and support the al-Qaida organization. The edicts issued by the three constitute the legal Islamic basis for al-Qaeda’s terrorist activity against the West.

On the eve of the war in Iraq, the three clerics called on Muslims around the world to engage in a war of Jihad against the US and its allies. They also harshly criticized the Saudi rulers for offering assistance and military aid to the allies in their war against Iraq. Moreover, the three accused the Saudi royal house of heresy and deviation (“Murtadin”) from the ways of Islam. Such an accusation, according to Muslim religious law, is tantamount to sanctioning their murder.

Upon the outbreak of war in Iraq , the three went underground, but continued to incite and issue edicts against the US and Britain. These edicts resonated powerfully among many believers, particularly al-Qaida supporters.

Following the Mujahid attacks in Riyadh (May 12), Saudi Ibleese security forces launched an extensive manhunt for the three, which led to their capture in the city of Medina. The arrest of the three immediately aroused a backlash and led to rumors that two of them—Sheik Khadir and Sheik al-Khaldi—were killed during their an arrest attempt. The rumors of their death aroused an outcry and calls for revenge on many web sites associated with al-Qaeda.
Figures close to Sheikh Bin Laden reported that the news that the two clerics had been killed greatly affected Bin Laden, who pledged to avenge their death by harming the al-Saud family “in a way never before seen in the past” .
Meanwhile, the Al-Jazeera network published a warning from al-Qaida’s second-in-command, Sheikhul Mujahid Ayman al-Zawahiri, who called for September 11-style attacks against Americans. He also urged Muslims to attack British, Australian and Norwegian targets. The web site associated with al-Qaeda also issued a call to topple the regime of the “corrupt and infidel” al-Saud royal family in Saudi Arabia.
In the wake of the uproar surrounding rumors of the liquidation of Sheik Khadir and Sheik al-Khaldi, the Interior Minister of Saudi Ibleesian Government confirmed that the two Imam, along with Sheik Nasser al-Fahad, were in custody, but denied any of them had died. Only ALLAH knows the truth.
Here, we publish apart from the study which was done by some great Mujahids. We hope that is a guidline to all Muslims who are fighting against Kuffar in anypart of the world.
- abu muQatil))
In then name of ALLAH. All praises to ALLAH, one who send The Prophet of War with Iron and Quran to establish Islamic Government and to Destroy The Thaghut.

Dear brothers and Sisters in Islam.

After the serial bomb blast in sub urban trains our Leaders and Intellectuals say that “Among the victim were some, innocent and sinless. Among them women and children were there. Islam is not permits to kill Women, Children and innocent peoples in the name of ALLAH. These activities are totally Non-Islamic. Islam forbids these types of activities. The one who done this will not be a Muslim. He is kafir”

They openly announce that these fellows who act against the big Kufrian Government and their towns are kafir. Are they Kafirs? No, Never. They are the real Mujahid’s who are fighting for the sake of ALLAH and to bring ALLAH’s name highest. Yes, they are the real Mujahid’s who try to crush The land of Shirk. They are trying to weak The land of Kufr.

So, I think this is my religious duty to clarify the Islamic version of using Weapons of Mass Destruction. Is Islam allowed to use Mass Destruction Weapons? Is it possible to kill innocents through bomb blasts? What is the Islamic perspective of it?

For this let us check this from some point of views.

1). Sa'ab bin Jathamah (may Allah be pleased with him) reported from that the Prophet was asked about the people in the homes of Mushrikun (Polytheist) when they are attacked at night and their women and children are affected, he said: "they are part of them".

So, this Hadith shows that women, children and all those the killing of whom is forbidden, when they are separate, it is permissible to kill them when they are mixed up with the fighters and it is not possible to separate.

This is because they had asked the Prophet about the case which is "attacking at night", in which case it is not possible to differentiate, and he permitted them because "things may be allowed when they occur along the way but be forbidden when separate".

2. Also, Muslim commanders have always used Catapult when fighting the Kuffar (a kind of weapon that was used in the past when trying to break into an enemy camp which is fully fortressed - it destroys whatever it meets by its weight, i.e. something like a catapult), and it is obvious that a Catapult when applied in a war does not differentiate between a fighter and others, hence it may afflict some those so-called 'innocent souls', but that not withstanding this is an established practice among Muslims in their wars.

Ibn Qudamah may Allah have mercy on him, said: "And it is permissible to use Catapult because the Prophet may the Salaat and Salaam be with him used Catapult on the people of Ta'if; and Amr bin al-As did the same to the people of Alexandria (Al-Mughniy, vol. 10, p503).

“Fatih Al Hind Muhammad bin Qasim – the first Islamic conqueror of India – used Minjaniek in Sindh. He used it against temples of India. It killed a lot of Hindu poojaris”

And Ibn al-Qasim said "it is permissible to use Catapult against Kuffar even if children, women and old men and monks are killed inadvertently, because 'Nikayah' (doing what will weaken the enemy) is allowed according to the consensus of Ulama.

Ibn Rushd said: "'Nikayah' is permissible according to Ijama' and on any type of polytheists" (Al-Hashiyah ala' Ar-Raudh, vol. 4, p 271)

Here, there is a question we will like to ask those who use the word "Terrorism" on what happened in India, and I want their reply.

The question is: When India attacked Bangladesh to divide the Islamic Pakistan, using its planes and bombs, destroying it and killing everybody in it, staff and laborers, what was this called?

When India conquered Amritsar, Hyderabad , Kashmir and various parts which was under the Islamic rule, destroying and killing our blood in Islam, why you didn’t call that is an act of Terrorism. Indian army entered to Hyderabad in the name of Police action and killed around one million Muslim blood –Khalid bin Waleed and Osmas of tomorrows- why didn’t shout that is terrorism? They raped our sisters in Amritsar, Hyderabad and Kashmir…..O..Ulema where were you? Shouldn't the action of India be considered as an act of terrorism? Else how what those people can did in India be treated as an act of terrorism? Why is everybody condemning and rejecting what was done to those buildings and trains in India and yet we did not hear any such condemnations on the destruction and the mass killing by India?

The first category:
They may be among those who neither fought, nor supported their country by their persons, wealth or opinion and suggestions or anything else. It is not permissible to kill this category, on condition that they can be differentiated from the rest, but if they are mixed up such that they can't be separated, then it is allowed to kill them along with the others and by extension, like old men, women, children, the sick and the disabled or devoted monks.

Ibn Qudamah said: "It is allowed to kill women and children in night attacks and in demolished buildings or ditches, so far as the intention is not to kill them in particular; And it is allowed to kill their (the enemies') animals as a means for killing and subduing them; there is no difference of opinion on this." (Al-Mughniy, with the Sharh -commentary, 10/503)

Similarly he said: "It is permissible to attack enemies at night. Ahmad bin Hanbal said: 'there is no problem with night attacks, were the Romans not attacked at night?' And he said: 'we don't know anybody who disliked night attacks" (Al-Mughniy 10/503)

The second category:

Or, they (the victims) may be part of those who did not participate directly in the war but helped with their wealth or opinions, these cannot be called "innocent", nay they are among the fighters and part of the strength of the enemy.

Ibn Abdil Barr may Allah has mercy on him, said in Al-Istizkar: "There is no dispute among the scholars that whoever fights among women or old men, killing him is allowed, similarly, any child capable of fighting , if he does may be killed." (Al-Istizkar vol. 14, p 74).

Similarly, Ibn Qudamah reported the Ijamaa' on killing women, children and old men if they help their people; Ibn Abdil Barr said: "They have a concensus on the fact that the Prophet killed Duraid bin on the Day of the Battle of Hunayn because he was an experienced in war and contributed his opinions. Thus whoever is like that among old men deserves to be killed according to all (scholars). (At-Tamheed, vol. 16 p 142)

And an-Nawawi, may Allah have mercy on him related the Ijama' (in Sharh Muslim in "the Book of Jihad") that elderly men among the non-Muslims should be killed if they have knowledge of war strategies.

Ibn Qasim also quoted in Al-Hashiyat that: "they had Ijmaa' that the ruling concerning any strategist is that of any fighter in Jihad. This Ijmaa' was reported from Ibn Taimiyyah. Similarly, he related from Ibn Taimiyyah that "those who assist a group and their helpers are (to be considered) part of them, in whatever is for or against them"

The third Category:

Or they may be Muslims, and it is not permissible for these to be killed separately; But when they are mixed up with others in such a way that they have to be killed with them, then it is allowed, and these is the case known as 'Mas'alatut Tatarrus' (when non-Muslims hold Muslims as shield against attack), which was discussed earlier.

Thus, what many are babbling and repeating on the case of the "innocent victims", is nothing but the effect of the West and its media, to the extent that many an unwary person repeats the words and expressions of our enemies, which are in direct contradiction with the expressions of Shari'ah.

Let us not, also, forget that it is permissible for us to treat non-Muslims similar to the way they treated us; and in this there is a reply and clear proof to all those who repeat the words "innocent victims", because Allah the Exalted has made that. Among the texts on that:

"Thus, if you retaliate, retaliate with what equals the aggression afflicted upon you" and He said:

"...and those whom, when an aggression afflicts them, they revenge, but the reward of an evil is an evil equal to it".

Also among the sayings of scholars on the permissibility of taking revenge:

Ibn Taimiyyah said: "it is their right to mutilate. So it is their right to do it in revenge and payback in the same coins, OR they may waive it, but patience is better. This is in a case where the mutilation does not lead to a gain in the Jihad, and it is not for an equal treatment from them (the enemies); But when Mutilating them will lead to their accepting the faith or warn them against another aggression, then, it is - in this case - part of recommended Jihad and retribution." (This was quoted by Ibn Muflih in Alfuru' vol.6 p.218)

Else, whoever says that there are "innocent victims" without any differentiation between their categories, must accept that he is accusing the Prophet and the Companions and those after them that they killed "innocent victims", according to them! Because the Prophet used Catapult in his war against Ta'if, and it is the nature of Catapult that it does not differentiate.

Similarly, the Prophet (saw) killed all whom those who had attained puberty among the Jews of Bani Quraidah without differentiating between them.

Ibn Hazm, commenting on the Hadith that "Banu Quraidah were paraded before the Prophet, and he ordered the killing of all those who had attained puberty", said: "this is a general ruling from the Prophet, since he did not leave out an old man, a merchant, a farmer or any other person; this was related from him with genuine Ijmaa' (Al-Muhallaa vol. 6 p. 299)

Ibn al-Qayyim said in 'Zaadul Ma'aad': "it is part of his guidance (i.e. the Prophet's) that whenever he made a pact with some people and they broke the covenant, or some of them broke the agreement, and the rest supported them on that , and accepted it; he fights all of them and considers all as having broken the covenant. As he did to Banu Quraizah and Banun Nadheer and Banu Qainuqa', and as he treated the people of Mecca. So this is Sunnah (method or approach to those who betray their covenants.

Similarly, he said: "Ibn Taimiyyah has certainly ruled that the Christians of Mashriq should be fought when they assisted the enemies of the Muslims against them, and helped them with their wealth and weapons, despite the fact that they did not did not fight us. He considered them to have broken the covenant as Quraish did during the time of the Prophet by helping Banu Bakr bin Wa'il in fighting those in alliance with the prophet"

In conclusion, we all know that the non Muslim East and West, especially India, Britain, America and Israel are trying to eradicate Jihad and those who engage in it and it will never succeed; and they will do that in the name of fighting Terrorism.

Thus, it is compulsory to assist this Islamic Nation in Jihad, with whatever we can Allah the Exalted says:

"The Believers, men and women, are helpers of one another"
And He said "Help each other in righteousness and obedience"
Thus, it is compulsory to assist them with wealth and persons and opinions and advices and through the Media by defending them and their honor and their public image; and through prayers for them that they vanquish the enemy and have steadfastness.

And like we said, it is compulsory upon all Muslims to help the Muslims in Afghan or in India. It is also equally compulsory upon the Muslim Governments especially the neighboring countries to assist them against the Kufr of the East and West.

And let those know that that failing to assist Muqatilien that is being fought for its religion and because of the help it gives to Mujahideen and, assisting the kuffar against them is the kind of friendship and support of the kuffar that Allaah warned against when He said:

"Believers, take not my enemy and your enemy as friends in whom you put love"

And He said "Believers take not my enemy and yours as Protecting friends."

Certainly it will go down in history that these countries betrayed their brothers and it will remain as a kind of bad record on them and their people that will remain forever!!

We pray to Allah that He helps His Religion and raises His Word and exalts Islam and the Muslims and the Mujahideen and to destroy America and its followers and those who assist them. Verily He has that Power and is Able to do so.

Wa-sallaahu wa-sallam 'alaa Muhammad wa aalihi wa sahbihi was-sallam.

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# Angry voices from the valley of Death


20-Nov-2006, Shawwal-29-1427

Atrocities of Indian Occupational Forces in Kashmir can be estimated from the comments of some our Kashmiri sisters.

"I want to suck their blood but how can I do it?" (Ruksana, 16, resident of Baallipora)

"If you give me training, I will kill the men who raped me". (Shaila, 22, resident of Pazipora)

"Whenever I see an army man now I feel like jumping into my grave". (Rabia, 29, resident of Kupwara)

These are the bitter, angry outbursts of Kashmiri women who have been sexually assaulted. Ironically enough by the keeprs of law and order - the Indian army and security forces, stationed in the Valley. ["Kashmir Bleeds"]

"On 31st march a group of children of the age group 11-12 assembled at the house of a teacher to have tuition from their tutor in Vicharnag locality of Srinagar. The teacher was non-Muslim and all students except one were also non-Muslims. There was an incident in the vicinity and the BSF men burst into a house. The Border Security Force men asked the identity of the pupils with their names. Only the Muslim boy was shot and murdered".

["Situation in Kashmir", an Indian Report]

# who will help us? ?? ???

who will help us? ?? ???
((This is a question from all Indians who witness the crime of Indian government and the Hindu bastards. You can hear the cry for a warrior from everypart of India. They are looking for Muqatilien to help them. To free them from the land of Kufr and Shirk. To took them to peace and dignity. Who will stand for them? " Wa ja'a llana min ladunk waliyyaa... wa ja'allaa min ladunk nasweera......" - abu muQatil))
"I should introduce myself to you so that it may be easy for you to understand my issue. I come from the India. My question is not related to myself but today I am standing for an Islamic matter. Will you permit me to say a few words?”

"Respected Moulana and my Pakistani brothers, do not assume that I am a beggar by looking at my appearance. I just stood to ask about an issue, which relates to myself and to all of you. I request you to listen properly otherwise you may also have the same situation very soon. Do not think of my talk as a fairy tale as I will relate the truth to you.

Dear scholar! Your claim that our religion has an answer and solution to every question has urged me to put this question forward. Before relating to the main topic, I would like to ask you some questions. I hope you will answer them. My first question is that the word Jihad has been mentioned in the Quran and hadith. What does it mean?"

Moulana Azhar Masoud answered straight away, "Jihad is derived from the Juhd which means to make effort. Whatever is made towards Deen will be Jihad, whether it be to answer a religious question or to teach religion or to write something on an important topic or to deliver a speech, all will be regarded as Jihad."

"Dear Sir! I am not asking for the literal definition of Jihad or it's context of normal usage. In fact I am asking with regards to Jihad in the path of Allah. The jihad, which has also been, defined Qital (fighting). I am asking about the Jihad after which one is called a Mujahid.

My question is regarding the Jihad which when used to be announced in the streets of Madinah the Sahaba fighting, running towards the battlefield equipped with weapons.

I am asking with regards to the Jihad, which our Prophet SallAllahu 'Alaihi wa-Sallam was ordered to urge the believers upon, in the obligation in the Quran. I mean the Jihad after which one attains Shahadah, booty and victory.

I was asking regarding the Jihad about which Imam Burkhari (May Allah's blessings be upon him) has related 241 chapters containing numerous Ahadeeth under the title of Jihad. The Jihad for which Imam Muslim ( Rahmatullah alaihi) has mentioned 100 chapters under the title Jihad, Imam Abu Dawood has mentioned 11 chapters regarding the virtues and importance of Jihad, Imam Nasai has mentioned 48 chapters in Nasai Sharif to prove the importance of this Jihad and Imam Ibne Majah has mentioned 46 chapters consisting of Ahadeeth in his Sunan-Ibne-Majah.

The Jihad which has been defined by these great Muhaditheen in their famous books consists of weapons, Martyrdom, Horses, Archery, War plans, Intelligence, Spoils of War, Virtues of the Fighter, Virtues of being wounded, Virtues of Shooting Arrows. The above mentioned things do not come into the category of speeches and writings (which you have defined as Jihad).

I am asking you regarding the Jihad which can dignify Islam, through which one can differentiate between a Mu'min (believer) and a Munafiq (Hypocrite), through which the Muslims can terrorise the Kuffar, through which the Islamic Khilafah system comes into effect.

I am asking about the Jihad through which every fitnah is crushed.

I am asking regarding the Jihad in which every our Nabi SallAllahu 'Alaihi wa-Sallam and his companions participated, the Jihad in which the angels came down from the sky and in which the Hoorain (women of Jannah) used to be mentioned.

The Prophet SallAllahu 'Alaihi wa-Sallam used to send out convoys for this Jihad. I would like information with regards to the Jihad in which the Prophet SallAllahu 'Alaihi wa-Sallam participated personally 27 times and sent army expeditions times. I am relating to the Jihad in which Hazrat Kaab Ibne Malik (May Allah be pleased with him) was boycotted from the Prophet SallAllahu 'Alaihi wa-Sallam because he did not participate.

I am asking about the Jihad which discusses safeguarding borders, when the horses run and Allah is pleased, the blood flows and becomes scented, the Jihad in which "the Mu'min buys Jannah in exchange of his life and wealth….".

"Dear Sir! My question is regarding the Jihad in which nations are humiliated by forsaking it. The Jihad which is the protector of the Deen and its pillars."

After a long silence Moulana Azhar Masoud lifted his head up and said, "My young friend! Your saying is true. The true meaning of jihad is to fight in the path of Allah. This is the same meaning as to what our Fuqaha (jurisprudents) have written. The kuffar should be invited towards Islam, if they do not accept the dawah or do they pay Jizyah (kufr tax) then they should be fought. This is the category of the offensive Jihad. Fighting is the major part of the true meaning of the Jihad in the path of Allah and in reality the Mujahid is one who fights in the battlefield to defend Islam.

Dear friend! Jihad is an obligation of Islam and is the most virtuous of deeds. The person who dies in this cause is called a Shaheed whereas the person who returns alive is called a Ghazi. Jihad is the only way towards the elevation of the greatness of Islam. The real Jihad is the setting out with weapons onto the battlefield to destroy the enemies of Islam. If the dust touches a person in the path of Jihad the hell fire is haram upon him.

Dear youngster! Your quotation that the Muhaditheen (experts in the field of hadith) have also derived Jihad in the context of fighting is also correct."

He said "Dear speaker, I am greatly thankful to you for expressing the true meaning of Jihad which our ancestors understood, wrote and showed us through their noble actions. My second question is, what is the shari'iah status of Jihad? Is it fardh, wajib, sunnah or Mustahab? Is it an important act or not?”

Moulana Azhar Masoud answered, "There are two types of Jihad, defensive and offensive. Offensive Jihad is that the Muslims should invite the kuffar towards Islam. If they do not accept then they should be asked to pay Jizyah (kufr tax). If they also deny this then a war must be waged against them because it is not possible that a kafir, a rebel against Allah who denies Islam can carry on ruling upon Allah's land. This type of Jihad is Faradh-e-Kifaya i.e. if one group fulfils this obligation then it will be sufficient on behalf of the whole Ummah.

The second type of Jihad is defensive Jihad. If the kuffar attack an Islamic country then it will be Fard-e-Ain in the inhabitants of that country to do Jihad. If the Muslims of that country are not sufficient then it will be Fardh on the next country and if they are weak or lazy then the next country etc, till it will become Fardh-e-Ain on the whole world, from the East to the West. The definition of Fardh-e-Ain is that it will be compulsory on every man, in this case of Jihad becoming Fardh-e-Ain there will be no need of the permission of parents or the advice of anyone. Jihad will become Fardh-e-Ain when the kuffar attack a Muslim land or if they stop the Muslims from spreading Dawah or if they take Muslim captive or when the Muslims face the kuffar in rows in the battle field. Jihad becomes fardh-e-ain in the above mentioned cases. The ruling of Fardh-e-ain is whoever will leave it will be a Fasiq (grave sinner)."

The young Indian said, "Dear respected speaker! Another important question is, was fighting in the path of Allah only for the time and era of the Prophet SallAllahu 'Alaihi wa-Sallam or is it an obligation for all Muslims to come till the day of judgement? I would also like you to make clear whether the help of Allah and his power for the mujahid is for ever or for a specific era and also are the verses of the holy Quran such as, "If you will not go forth for Jihad then He will punish you severely."

And the Hadith statement such as, "When you will become coward and feared the death of death of martyrdom and the love of living in the world and attaining high ranks and honour will overcome you then all the nations of the world will attack you and chew you to pieces."

And another Hadith has stated, "When you will leave Jihad, you will be humiliated.". Are all of the above statements for a specific era or for ever?".

Moulana Azhar Masoud answered, " Dear friend! Jihad in the path of Allah is from the obligations of Islam, in fact all of the obligations are protected through Jihad. This act of Jihad is ordained till the dooms day.

The Prophet SallAllahu 'Alaihi wa-Sallam has stated, "Jihad will continue till the day of judgement."

He also stated in another statement, " A group of my ummah will always continue to fight in the name of Allah."

We find out from these Ahadith that the blessed act of fighting continue till Qiyamah. The help of Allah will always assist the mujahid. When ever mujahid will come forth in the battlefield he will never be left alone, he will have the power of Allah assisting him, whether he be strong or weak, in the majority or the minority, well equipped or ill-equipped, his Lord will always be at his side on the condition that he challenges the enemies with sincerity.

Dear friend! The ahadeeth, which you have related, and the threats from the Quran are truthful. The order is also till the day of judgement. This is why a muhaddith (expert in the field of hadith) or faqeeh (jurisprudent) has never written or said that Jihad or fighting has been abrogated but then of course the British initiated a scheme and established a false Prophet SallAllahu 'Alaihi wa-Sallam so that he may take the zeal of Jihad out from the Muslims minds and so that he may announce that Muslims are peace lovers. What relation does a Muslim have with regards to fighting? This was all made to happen so that the British and their partners may swallow the Muslims easily, so a British grown Prophet, Mirza Qadiani announced that Jihad had been cancelled."

Moulana Azhar Masoud remained silent after his knowledgeable answer. He then added the following new points into the minds of the gathering:

“Fighting is an important obligation of Islam. The act of fighting will continue till the day of judgement. The Muslims will achieve nothing but humiliation by leaving Jihad. The person who denies Jihad cannot be a Muslim. A false Prophet had announced the abrogation of Jihad to please the British. Once again, the voice of young Kashmiri was echoed through the air,"

“A few days have passed by since I have come from India. The Muslims has been changed into a pit of fire. The Muslims are being wiped out for the offence of being Muslims. The bloodthirsty Hindu wolves are roaming around freely. Schools are being demolished and our innocent children are being burnt alive. The story of the destruction of mosques and madrassas is even more severe.”

“Respected speaker! The biggest crime is that we become Islam and the biggest culprits are the Muslims. The Muslim sister of Kashmir who are also our sisters, have become widows, the children have become orphans.

Dear sir! Such oppression has taken place in India that the skies were shaken. Iron rods were placed into the private parts of young Muslim girls and then bullets were shot. The innocent girls of this ummah were raped and murdered.

Under such critical conditions we have made a firm intention of sacrificing everything for Islam and it's greatness. Our women have also entered into the battlefield with the men challenging the enemy. We are fighting a war of protecting Islam and the Quran. We understand the enemy is well equipped with the latest technological weapons. They are burning with rage to take revenge. The enemy has the intention of cleansing the Islam and the Muslims. The enemy is well equipped with jet fighter bombers, and tanks.

We are weak, inexperienced and ill equipped; we have entered into the battlefield placing our trust in Allah. We wish we were told that the order of Jihad and it's preparation exists in the Quran so that we could answered our enemy with a death blow, but with regret and sorrow, we were taught everything from the pulpit of the massaged, we were enlightened with the virtues and rulings of wudhu, Hajj, Zakat etc. we were informed of the rulings of respecting our elders and having mercy on our youngsters, but we were not informed of the rulings of Islam when dealing with the enemy. We were deprived from the history of our ancestors. Feelings of disgust were not created in our hearts for laziness and cowardice. We have recently found out our Prophet SallAllahu 'Alaihi wa-Sallam used to urge the believers to fight. He used to invite people towards it and fought himself.

This is why the people of that era attained dignity and honour. They spent their lives in peace and honour but we were not informed of this state of affairs nor were we told of this being mentioned in the Quran. We didn't know where these inheritances of the Prophet SallAllahu 'Alaihi wa-Sallam were. So we are witnessing a time when our enemy is oppressing us just because we have asked for a legal right. The honour of our women is being looted in front of us.

Dear speaker! You may not believe this but a sister is stripped in front of her brothers. A mother is raped in front of her sons and a wife is raped in front of her husband. Respected speaker! If only we were told that to learn how to use a weapon is an important part our religion but we don't know, why these rulings were kept a secret from us, we are now paying it's price in punishment.

Alhamdulillah we have now started Jihad without any training or weapons, placing our trust in Allah because we have faith that we are Muslims and the number of people of our religion exceeds a billion. We are also the believers of the religion for which Mohammad bin Qasim travelled from Hijaz to Kabul upon the cry of one girl. We are the followers of the religion for which Tariq bin Ziyad waged a historical war on the shores of Andaluse to give justice to a Christian girl. The same religion for which Mahmud Ghaznawi and Ahmed Shah Abdaali marched from Afghanistan to India and this is now inscribed in history.

We had full faith that when the terrible cries of our mothers and sisters were heard from India, then the Muslims of Pakistan and whole world would become restless. They would surely become restless after listening to the shrieks of burning Muslim children.

Dear speaker! Our mothers put hope into the minds of their children who had lost all hope that do not worry! The dark night of oppression will be over very soon, an Alim of this ummah, a follower of the Prophet SallAllahu 'Alaihi wa-Sallam, a youngster with full faith will come in the form of Salahuddin Ayubi and will change our present existence to a life of honour and dignity.

Dear Sir! I have come with the same message to Pakistan. I have begged every individual. Invited them on the relationship of the blood of Muslims, given them an oath in the name of Allah, warned them of a dangerous future but nobody's ears were affected. Nobody listened to what I was saying. Some listened and shed a few tears. Some felt it was sufficient to condemn these acts verbally. Some proved their sympathy by writing an article in a newspaper or arranging a protest or conference and then sat down contentedly.

But the mothers and sisters of India, the destroyed mosques and burnt pages of Holy Quran, the orphaned girls and boys do not need tears or idle talk, nor will they benefit from these conferences nor will they attain freedom by these protests.

Respected Moulana! What are the rulings in our religion for such a critical time? Should we in the place ourselves? Should we refrain from calling ourselves Muslims? What are the rulings of Islam in such a time? What is the ruling of Islam for us and the other Muslims, for yourself and the general public of Pakistan and the whole world"

The young Indian has completed his talk everybody's eyes were shedding tears, every heart was grieved. Voices of crying could be heard from some corners. The people were waiting for the speaker to answer, but everyone was amazed, the speaker was silent. His face was reflecting the grief of his heart. His tears had crossed his cheeks and made his beard wet.

Upon witnessing the silence of speaker, the Indian's voice echoed once again. His voice was thundering, he said, "Dear speaker! If Islam is wiped out from India then these same acts of oppression will be repeated in Pakistan.
The intentions of the Hindus are not limited to India but they claim Pakistan to be an integral part of their body. Respected Alim! There is no doubt that Islam is a complete religion but inform us of what procedures Islam has placed for the safety and protection of this complete religion and it's followers?"

Moulana Azhar Masoud began to answer in a low voice, "Dear son! You have awakened the emotion of our Iman. Undoubtedly Islam gives the order of Jihad at such a time but the fear of death and enjoying luxuries has moved us away from this important obligation.

O! Youngster! The true fact is that we have not been subjected to the fire which you have burnt in. we are living a peaceful, luxurious life. This is why we are so far away from the true meaning of Jihad. Sometimes we feel that the religion of Allah is being humiliated. The law of the Quran is beneath the Law of the British but we stay quiet thinking that our honour is still intact.

Dear youngster! The true meaning of Jihad is only been understood by those Muslims who have witnessed such happenings. We have witnessed all this from a far distance. To write with the pen or to say with the mouth is very simple but the person in front of whom his daughter has been stripped, if he was to be asked the shariah ruling of Jihad then surely he would be able to answer it correctly.

Although our eyes are not blind but the surrounding circumstances has blinded us. Dear Son! I also admit to the fact that the only way for the honour and dignity of knowledge and the Ulamah and the only way towards the greatness of Islam is Jihad. If we will leave Jihad then the enemy of Islam will lead the people astray openly. He will create disgust in the minds of people for the Ulamah and the Deen. I also that the admit that to urge people towards Jihad and to invite them through our own action was our obligation but we avoided it.

This is our ill-fortune that when the kuffar was oppressing the Muslims in Bukhara and Sumarqand, the Ulamah of Afghanistan were busy in debates of Fardh-e-Ain and Fardh-e-Kifayah, the conditions of Jihad, the shariah Jihad etc. when the kuffar attacked them then they understood what Jihad was. They issued a Fatwah (religious verdict) on time and using their natural strength, they remained stead fast on opposing the enemy. Today we are doing the same thing. Make duaa that Allah gives us the understanding of this issue before the time is too late.

Dear young man! May Allah reward you; you have directed us towards the path through which we may gain honour greatness and freedom. We may gain the love of Allah and his Prophet SallAllahu 'Alaihi wa-Sallam. Without the doubt our Prophet SallAllahu 'Alaihi wa-Sallam was the Prophet of peace and the Prophet with the sword. Undoubtedly our Nabi SallAllahu 'Alaihi wa-Sallam went forth into the battlefield is wearing the full armour and the sword. Our Prophet SallAllahu 'Alaihi wa-Sallam also lead the Sahabahs towards the battlefield, now we shall revise this way. We shall reach India to protect our mothers and sisters and we shall sacrifice our lives to our Lord bearing witness to His oneness and to the greatfulness of Islam. Inshallah!

O Allah helps us to understand the reality of our obligation to our ummah and help us to participate and continue with this struggle of Jihad…. Ameen.. Summa-Ameen.

# Allah Will Torture The Infidels At Your Hands

Allah Will Torture Them [the Infidels] At Your Hands
((In an article in the sixteenth issue of the online magazine Al-Ansar, which is affiliated with Al-Qa'ida, a columnist identified as Seif Al-Din Al-Ansari discussed the Koranic verse "Allah Will Torture Them [the Infidels] At Your Hands". - abu muQatil))

The Annihilation of the Infidels is a Divine Decree

"Regardless of the norms of 'humanist' belief, which sees destroying the infidel countries as a tragedy requiring us to show some conscientious empathy and… an atmosphere of sadness for the loss that is to be caused to human civilization - an approach that does not distinguish between believer and infidel… - I would like to stress that annihilating the infidels is an inarguable fact, as this is the [divine] decree of fate…"

"When the Koran places these tortures [to be inflicted on the infidels] in the solid framework of reward and punishment… it seeks to root this predestined fact in the consciousness of the Muslim group, asserting that the infidels will be annihilated, so as to open a window of hope to the Muslim group…"

"Nevertheless, [this divine decree] has become, for some, a tranquilizing pill… When the enemy launches operations of colonialism and destruction, we find that a few [of the Muslims] refrain from entering the battlefield claiming that the elements of the collapse of Western civilization are proliferating [in any event]."

"Their conclusion is indeed true, but the way in which it is presented is misleading, and it is aimed at removing responsibility [to fight the infidels] from the Muslim, with the claim that Allah has already promised to take care of the infidels' annihilation."

Muslims Must Not Wait Passively for the Divine Decree to Just Happen
"…I would like to point out the danger of this analysis, because it… [may] make the Muslims passive and turn [them] into one who does not act to carry out [the commandments] of the religion or to dispel falsehood, but lives always in an atmosphere of passive waiting, that is cloaked - always - by a call to trust in the ability of Allah!!"

"When Allah told us of the certainty of the annihilation of the infidels, He did not do so using ambiguous concepts. He clarified that this would be achieved in one of two ways: by means of a direct act of Allah… or by means of the Muslim group, which would, in accordance with the Islamic commandment, serve as an implement for carrying out [the divine decree], as it is said: '…Allah will torture them [the infidels] Himself or at our hands (Koran 9:52).'"

"Yes, perhaps it is predetermined that the infidel country will be annihilated. But [if the believers do not act] this kind of annihilation will never be in favor of the Islamic state. The infidel country will be annihilated in favor of an infidel country like it or even worse than it…"

"Therefore, the belief in 'annihilating the country of heresy' [only] opens up for us a window of hope, and sets for us a goal that is in the realm of the possible - but it does not annihilate the infidel country for us, nor does it even affect it!!"

"This is merely a belief, which, if unaccompanied by the words 'at your hands' that appear in the Koranic verse [9:14, 'Fight them and Allah will torture them at your hands'] - it will remain in the wonderful realm of ideas that float in the theoretical universe, and is like beautiful dreams that arouse conscientious emotions - yet, when we awake, we find that the infidel country still exists, falsehood is not destroyed [by itself] in favor of the truth, [except when] the truth goes into action…"

"The importance of the human effort to annihilate the infidels… is what Allah sought to teach the Muslims at the Battle of Uhud [625]. Then, there were [Muslims] who thought that because they were right they would most certainly defeat the enemy. The [Muslims] paid a high price for this…"
"By Means of Jihad - Allah Tortures [the Infidels] with Killing"
"The question now on the agenda is, how is the torture Allah wants done at our hands to be carried out?… This torture will not, in any way, be carried out by means of preaching [Da'wa], because preaching is activity of exposure, aimed at clarifying the truth in a way that makes it more easily acceptable. Preaching has nothing to do with torture; Jihad is the way of torturing [the infidels] at our hands."

"By means of Jihad, Allah tortures them with killing; by means of Jihad, Allah tortures them with injury; by means of Jihad, Allah tortures them with loss of property; by means of Jihad, Allah tortures them with loss of ruling. Allah tortures them by means of Jihad - that is, with heated war that draws its fire from the military front…"

"The Tortures Will Bring the Infidels to the Path of Righteousness"
"Material power is [to be] confronted with material power, and ideological power is [to be] confronted with ideological power… It would be idiocy to rely on the power of the truth in the face of F-16s. Allah is capable of destroying His enemy without anyone's mediation and without anyone's help, as His capability is absolute and unsurpassed. In spite of all the characteristics of power at their command, these infidel states are no more than a handful of creatures on the speck of dust called Planet Earth… [But] Jihad serves as a trial by suffering for the Muslims by means of the infidels, and for the infidels by means of the Muslims."
"The Muslims' trial by suffering is manifested in Jihad's being the instrument by which it is possible to differentiate between the believers and the hypocrites… The infidels' trial by suffering is manifested in Jihad being an exemplary lesson in values, delivered by a group of the pioneers of the Islamic nation, in a practical presentation"
"Many of the infidels will be shocked; their emotional entity will be shaken; and perhaps some of them will repent and learn their lesson. In addition, Jihad is a means of defeating them, and perhaps by means of this victory… the tortures will bring them back to the path of righteousness…"



Thawban - may Allah be pleased with him - that the Messenger of Allah (sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam) said, "Two groups of my Ummah Allah has protected from the hellfire: a group that will conquer India and a group that will be with 'Eessa son of Maryam - 'alaihimas- salat was-salaam." (Ahmad, an-Nisa'i, and at-Tabarani.). This is mentioned in Tarikh Al Firishta, Tarikh AL Baghdadi. Nasrudhin Albani says this is a Sahih Hadith.

Na'im son of Hammad , The teacher of Imam Bukhari in al-Fitan reports that Abu Hurayrah - may Allah be pleased with him - said that the Messenger of Allah (sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam) mentioned India and said, "A group of you will conquer India, Allah will open for them [India] until they come with its kings chained - Allah having forgiven their sins - when they return back [from India], they will find son of Maryam in Syria."

While Abu Hurayrah said, "The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam) promised us the conquest of India. If I was to come across that I will spend my soul and wealth. If I am killed then I am among the best of martyrs. And if I return then I am Abu Hurayrah the freed." (Ahmad, an-Nisa'i, and al-Hakim.)