Thursday, January 11, 2007

# Gujarat riots: was there an Israeli connection?

Gujarat riots: was there an Israeli connection?

It is for the first time in the history of the country that massacre of Muslims has taken place and their properties have been destroyed under such an organised planning. With the passage of every day, facts relating to these riots are coming to light. The common thinking of Muslims living in riot-affected areas of Gujarat is that the butcher of Palestinian Muslims, Israel, is directly involved in these terrible anti-Muslim riots. It is quite possible that some people may consider it a flight of fancy but those who have observed the conditions prevailing in Gujarat and have a deep understanding of the Indo-Israeli relations, do not consider it a remote possibility.

According to informed sources, Narendra Modi was in Israel for some time before being appointed as chief minister. A few months ago hundreds of youngmen of Gujarat were sent to Israel ostensibly for agricultural work where they were imparted special training. These youths imbibed with Hindutva played an important role in the burning of Gujarat. A citizen of Ahmadabad badly affected by these riots said that some packets of the dangerous chemicals used by the rioters had been found with 'Made in Israel' mark on them. The seriousness of the issue can very well be judged after the discovery of these facts.
Famous defence analyst having a close watch on Israeli defence matters, Hisam Swelm, in one of his new books on Indo-Israeli relations has expressed deep concern over India's growing relations with Israel which can prove very dangerous, and even fatal, for India itself. Swelm has regretted that for Hindutva rulers of India, four million Jews of Israel are more important than 1.04 billion Muslims and 54 Islamic countries.

It is worth noting that previous Congress governments of the country had been very cautious in maintaining relations with Israel. However, during the past three or four years, the warmth and enthusiasm with which the ruling BJP has given importance to its relations with Israel and increased their mutual cooperation in defence affairs and fields, has created doubts among secular circles of the country .Also, there is substantial dissatisfaction among Arab countries. On the occasion of senior government officials’ tour to Israel, Arab newspapers are engaged in various kinds of guessworks and describe it as the beginning of a dangerous era. An Arab journalist has gone to the extent of saying that Zionism and Hindutva have a common agenda against Islam and Muslims. Whenever the Hindu national government of India has spoken in support of Palestine, it has in reality done so in consideration of oil wealth of the Gulf countries. Otherwise, India was neither concerned with Palestine's miserable condition in the past nor is it concerned today.

As a matter of fact it is our rulers' anti-Muslim proclivities which make them interested in treating Israel as their closest ally. If you want to see the moral qualities of a person, you should see his or her friends. When we look at it in this context,a terrible picture emerges because India's new and close friend is Israel, which is thirsty for innocent Muslim blood. Israel has justified everything for the fulfilment of its Zionist objectives, which can never be fulfilled through righteous means.

This country's government, which believes in Hindutva, is also proud of its new relationship (with Israel) because the net gain of these relations has already been received by the champions of Hindutva in the form of recent riots in Gujarat.
The fact is that these relations can help the Sangh in achieving their aggressive aims and new avenues can be found for further harassing and troubling Muslims of the country. Probably our government does not want to think as to how much and how great a loss will be suffered by the country as a whole. Who does not know that annoying Arabs would not be in India’ s interest.
In an article published in a contemporary Arabic magazine, thousands of Indians working and living in Gulf countries have been given a veiled warning to impress upon their government in New Delhi to desist from hobnobling with Israel. Otherwise their own future in the Gulf would be jeopardised.

It is necessary for maintaining the country's international reputation that our government adopts a sane and sensible policy and abstains from taking anti-Muslim measures.It should ensure that the country does not reach the breaking point as the Gujarat experience is repeated everywhere

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